Toasted Turmeric & Teff Muesli (Macro)

Whole Grain Oats (61%), Golden Syrup, Sultanas (8%) (Sultanas, Cottonseed Oil), Nuts (8%) (Almonds (6%), Cashews), Seeds (5%) (Sunflower Seeds, Pepitas, Sesame Seeds), Sunflower Oil, Whole Grain Teff Flakes (2%), Spices (Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Turmeric (0.2%), Ginger), Oat Flour, Natural Flavours. or try 5-spice powder

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shredded vegan cheese that actually melts: VioLifeDaiyaMiyoko’s and Follow Your Heart. *Note: some vegan cheeses contain nuts so be sure to read the label if you have an allergy.

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Low-sodium dip sauces

  1. soy-saucish dipper for cabbage-wrapped Spring Roll – some vinegar, molasses, tamarind, garlic powder, and plum jam. Go for it!

2.  Or for something more simple, mix a little rice wine vinegar with some low-sodium hot mustard.