HARVESTER’S CAKE (very large)

The cooked apples taste like citron – delicious and not expensive.

Soak 3 cupfuls of dried apples overnight in cold water enough to swell them.
Chop them in the morning and stew with 3 cups molasses until soft; add 2 handfuls of seedless raisins (opt) and stew a few moments.

When cold, add 3 cupfuls of flour*, spice if preferred, 1 cupful of butter or marg, 3 eggs and 1 tsp bicarb. Mix well.
Bake in mod oven to make 2 good-sized cakes.

* SR needed for this quantity?


Yummy – so good!

1. Soak chia seeds for 4 hours
2.Blend with tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, garlic, ginger, tamari, carrot and lemon.
3. Dehydrate.
4. The quality of these crackers make the dehydrator worth buying!