1c SR
1 t cr of tartar
3 t treacle
1/2t bicarb
a little milk
wheatmeal or bran

Mix drys together. Dissolve treacle in milk then add to drys to form a mixt not too stiff.
Bake in greased tins with lids on about 30 mins.

1c wheatmeal (fine)
1c flour
2 t cr of tartar
1T honey
1c cooking bran
1 t each of salt  & bicarb
small cup of warmed milk

Mix drys together. Blend well, make into a dough with the honey, mixed through the warm milk.
Bake in a nut loaf tin for 3/4 hour.

BROWN BUNS with fruit

155g butter
1 egg
4 T boiling water
2 c wholemeal
1 c each of sultanas & br sugar
1 dess treacle
1t bicarb
1c each of  dates & well-chopped almonds
1/2 tsp cinnamon

Cream b&s, add well-beaten egg, and then the treacle dissolved in boiling water, with the bicarb.
Add wholemeal, dates, sultanas, almonds & cinn. Mix well, bake in a slow oven.