APPLE NUT CAKE (no eggs)

lots of bicarb

2c flour*
1/2c butter
2 dess cocoa
1/2 tsp gr nutmeg
1 tsp cr of tartar
1/2c chopped nuts
1c sugar
1.5c warm stewed apples
2 tsp bicarb + 1/2 tsp extra*
1/2 tsp cinn
1/2c raisins

Cream b&s. Dissolve bicarb into apple. Add to creamed mixt. Add other ingredients.
Lastly, mix in flour with level tsp cr tartar and extra bicarb.
Bake in mod oven 3/4 hour.

*  if SR is used, only 1 tsp bicarb is needed in apple and only 2 sm tsp cocoa.

AMERICAN BEAUTY LOAF CAKE – might be interesting

125g butter
2 eggs
250g SR
1 tsp cinn
1/2c milk
1 level tsp bicarb
125g sugar
1 Tab dark jam (plum, raspberry)
1 Tab cocoa
1/2 tsp each of nutmeg & vanilla
1 Tab boiling water

Cream b&s, add eggs singly and jam. Sift in flour with cocoa & spices. Add milk & vanilla.
Dissolve bicarb in boiling water and add.
Bake in mod oven 30-40 mins