How to Make Ricotta Cheese from Cottage Cheese


Beat regular cottage cheese (500g?) with 2-3 Tabs of sour cream or kefir in a blender.

Healthier Tiramisu Cake with Cottage Cheese Cream

This uses a lighter cream and just honey to sweeten. 

500g ricotta or cottage cheese*   (see separate file on how to make ricotta from cottage cheese)
250g savoiardi cookies
3 little cups coffee
3-4 Tabs honey
40g pure bitter chocolate, grated finely
1/2 glass of cognac or brandy (opt)
cocoa as much as needed
candied fruits to taste (added to the cream to vary taste)

1. Brew 3 cups strong coffee. In a large bowl, mix this with cognac.

2.Combine honey and ricotta, add bitter chocolate and mix everything thoroughly.

3.Dip each cookie into coffee/cognac mixture and arrange all cookies evenly into a glass, square-shaped serving plate with sides. Place cookies vertically along the brim of the plate to make a fence. Spread half the choc cream over the cookies, then repeat with rest of cookies & cream.
Sprinkle cocoa over tiramisu.

4.Stand in fridge for 2 hours. When well-soaked with cream, serve.